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Our Services

At our facility, we appreciate that each resident is unique. As a result, we provide customized services based on individual preferences and hobbies. This guarantees that our clients receive personalized care that makes them feel at home. Our caregivers are professionals in providing assistance and support, enabling clients to maintain their independence.

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Medication Management

We maintain proper storage and handling of medications, and residents are educated about their medications. Staff members will administer medications according to the prescribed schedule and dosage, monitor residents for changes in health status, and communicate with healthcare professionals to ensure resident care is always up-to-date. We understand that older adult health is delicate, so we pay special attention to changes in behaviour and are ready to accommodate such changes. Staff members strive to ensure adherence to prescribed medication regimens and follow up with healthcare providers to assess the effectiveness of medications.

Daily Living

At A Warm Embrace AFH, we are committed to offering the finest senior living experience in Federal Way. Our highly trained staff is available 24/7 to cater to all personal and healthcare needs of our community members. We recognize that additional assistance may be necessary, which is why we're here to help. Families can trust that our caregivers are regularly updated with any new medication our residents are taking.

Nutrition and Meal Planning

Nutrition and meal planning are personalized for each resident based on their dietary needs, health status, and preferences. Trained staff prepares well-balanced meals that cater to specific dietary requirements and provide assistance during mealtime. There is a focus on fostering a positive dining environment and promoting healthy eating habits. Nutrition plans are regularly reviewed and adapted, and healthcare professionals might collaborate with dietitians or nutritionists to ensure residents' nutritional needs are met effectively.

Care Coordination

We create comprehensive assessments and individualized care plans, collaborate with healthcare providers, contact support services, undergo regular review and adaptation of care plans, and all with a resident-centered approach. It ensures that residents receive comprehensive, personalized care that addresses their medical, social, and emotional needs while promoting their overall well-being and quality of life.

Skilled Nursing

Skilled nurses carry out wound care, medical assessments, disease management, medical injections, and catheter care. These tasks are conducted by licensed nurses or skilled healthcare professionals to address the complex healthcare needs of residents. The tasks require expertise, compassion, and attention to detail to maintain a safe and supportive environment within the home. Our nurses are on-call for such tasks.


Our aim to foster a sense of community, engagement, and enjoyment for our residents while considering their individual preferences and abilities. Celebrating holidays and birthdays is a cherished part of these activities, along with arts and crafts, music and dance, outdoor activities, intellectual games, themed parties, cooking and baking classes, storytelling, and volunteer programs. These activities promote social interaction, cognitive stimulation, and overall well-being of residents.

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